Who is Deenps (Gran Bwa)



Deenps Bazile was born in Haiti where he began painting as a child and continued until he moved to Brooklyn around 1979. Around that time he was invited by a friend to come to Prospect Park where he had never been before. He saw a tree stump by a lake.

“My spirit guided me to bring out the carved faces that I envisioned that significant tree stump I had discovered. I later on became recognized as the Prospect Park sculptor  named Gran Bwa(Big Tree/ Spirit of trees, a Vodou Spirit)”

The area of the intense carved tree stump became known as the Gran Bwa site. The Gran Bwa site had big logs of wood that created a circle followed by the intense carving. It created an oasis and a beautiful visual with the lake being right beside it. People that came to enjoy the park also enjoyed profound carving and the view of the lake.

“I believe that carving prolong the life of the wood. You may believe it is dead because it was cut down, but I can help find the life that was left in it and bring fourth its spirits!”

This large piece of work was in the New York Times, Daily News and others.

“The spirits of the park easily connect me to the Vodou spirit of Gran Bwa. The park is alive! The trees, the lake, the breeze, the sun and the people makes me reminisce of AYITI (Haiti)!”

Gran Bwa’s largest work, the tree stump, was vandalized, it was destroyed by fire. But this  tragic event doesn’t stop the artist from carving, painting and drawing; a is multidisciplinary artist you can say. In 2012 in Deenps Bazile had two exhibits at Sustainable NYC, one in the summer and the other in the fall. His accomplishments even go way back to 2002, an exhibit in Grand Army Plaza “Arch” Gallery and in 1988, “Branches: Artists work with Trees” Group Exhibition at the Boat House Gallery.

 photo 291776_220029454726323_1473917423_n_zps7372a20b.jpg

 Gran Bwa takes the walk up to  Prospect today doing his daily carvings.                                                                 

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